Saturday, September 20, 2014


Welcome to my ReelCam blog.

After developing this software system for the last few months, it's finally uploaded to Google Play Store, and BlackBerry App World. I'll make a version for iOS later, not sure if there would be a demand for it though.

So what is this ReelCam Video Surveillance system? The main idea is to turn the many "smart" mobile devices you've already accumulated over the years into security cameras for your property, house, office, etc. The videos from these devices are streamed to your local PC server, which may then record them on to the hard drive. You use a Controller App to connect to the PC server, and directly configure the settings (motion/sound detection, email alerts, etc) for each of these devices.

Sample image of a wall mounted Nexus 7 running the ReelCam Client app

This set up is similar to many of the real video surveillance systems today, which usually have a DVR box to which numerous video cameras are attached to. The difference is that you usually have to configure the DVR using an infrared remote control, which means you need to be nearby. Whereas with the Controller App, you configure the PC server over the network, anywhere you have connection.

Live View on the ReelCam Controller app

Though the PC server software is designed to run on your local network to keep your data safe of the internet, there is no reason you can't run it on a cloud or VPS server instead, should you choose to do so.

Well that's my short intro into the system. I will follow up with more details in later posts.